The Intelligent Spatio-temporal Information team relies on the university's Information and Communication Engineering first-level discipline and the two scientific research platforms of the Shanghai University Engineering Center for Spatial Information and Positioning Navigation, and the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Multi-Dimensional Information Processing. Aiming at the widespread problems of intelligent processing of spatio-temporal information in the space positioning and navigation technology based on the integration of satellites and 5G/6G mobile networks, with high-precision positioning technology, 5G/6G wireless communication technology, radio wave propagation theory, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the intelligent processing of spatio-temporal information for spatial position perception is carried out. The team focuses on solving the problem of information acquisition and transmission in spatial location perception, and promote the innovative research and achievement transformation of the next generation of wireless communication science. The team's current main research directions include: antenna and space radio wave propagation, wireless positioning and navigation, space-time information processing and data fusion, electromagnetic compatibility and non-destructive testing, etc.