With machine intelligence as the research goal and based on the research of artificial intelligence algorithms such as computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning and big data analysis, the Information Perception Analysis and Intelligent System team is committed to breakthroughs in graphic information recognition, prohibited object detection, object segmentation based on shape analysis and visual slam, etc. The team provides core information perception analysis technologies for application systems such as intelligent robots, drones, intelligent monitoring, automatic testing and intelligent Internet of Things. In recent years, the Information Perception Analysis and Intelligent System team has undertaken the National Science and Technology Support Program, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission’s Innovation Research Program and enterprise commissioned projects. The academic results have been published in internationally renowned academic journals or academic conferences such as TIP, IFS, PR, IJCAI. Relevant research results has been successfully applied in intelligent measurement and control systems such as package sorting, detection of prohibited items, automatic testing of leaky cables, control analysis of Vickers hardness tester, characteristic testing of auto parts and infrared target warning.