Research goals and content: Broadband Wireless Communication team takes industrial Internet and other vertical industry application requirements and bottlenecks as the driving force, researches deterministic broadband wireless communication technology in complex wireless communication environments, and focuses on breakthroughs in high reliability, low latency, efficient wireless transmission, and the technical bottleneck of the high frequency band. Our team carries out the promotion of deterministic broadband wireless communication applications for vertical industries. In recent years, Broadband Wireless Communication team has undertaken the National Natural Science Foundation of China and major national special projects, and the academic achievements have been published in international authoritative journals IEEE TWC, TCOM, TVT and international authoritative conferences ICC and Globecomm . Main research directions: Beyond 5G/6G transmission technology, high-reliability and low-delay (video) wireless transmission, millimeter wave and terahertz communication, optical carrier wireless communication, automatic description of digital circuits for wireless communication.