The Biological Information Processing and Wisdom Medical team focuses on the problems faced by medical imaging in clinical diagnosis and treatment. In order to quantitatively guide disease treatment and prognosis, the team combines imaging and artificial intelligence technology to develop new theories and new technologies for multi-dimensional imaging intelligent diagnosis. The team aims to overcome the bottleneck problems of information processing technology and intelligent recognition technology in medical image analysis such as molecular imaging and functional imaging, and focuses on artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent diagnosis of medical imaging and intelligent medicine. The team conducts the basic theoretical research of multi-dimensional pathological imaging, multi-modal medical image analysis and processing, biometric identification and remote bioinformatics analysis; and carries out the research and development of key technologies, results promotion and application, and training of professional talents. In recent years, the team has undertaken the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission’s innovative research program and enterprise commissioned projects. Academic results have been published in internationally renowned academic journals or academic conferences such as TIP, TBME, CVPR, and AAAI. The team has won a number of provincial and ministerial awards.