Academic Lecture | Research on Highly Sensitive and Highly Selective Environmental Sensors


Published: 2020.01.07

Title: Research on High Sensitivity and High Selectivity Environmental Sensors

Time: 8:00 on January 9, 2020

Location: Information Building 133

Speaker: Bi Hengchang

Moderator: Professor Wu Xing

Introduction of the speaker:

Bi Hengchang, Ph.D. graduated from Southeast University and his tutor is Professor Sun Litao. He has published 12 SCI papers as the first /corresponding author, 3 ESI highly cited papers, 2 cover articles, 3 papers cited more than 300 times, and a single article has been cited up to 727 times, with a total of more than 1,900 citations. He obtained 1 authorized international patent and transformed it; obtained 27 authorized Chinese patents and transformed 4 items. He was invited to participate in several international and domestic conferences, and once served as an instructor to instruct undergraduates and graduate students to participate in the national Challenge Cup and the national Internet + competition, and won the national second prize and the national silver medal.