Academic Lecture | Low-dimensional Heterojunction Device Physics and Brain-like Applications


Published: 2020.12.30

Title: Low-dimensional heterojunction device physics and brain-like applications

Time: 13:30 on January 6, 2021

Location: Room 133, Information Building, Minhang Campus

Speaker: Associate Professor Liang Shijun

Moderator: Professor Wu Xing

Introduction of the speaker:

    Liang Shijun, an associate professor in the School of Physics, Nanjing University. He received his Ph.D. degree from Singapore University of Technology and Design in 2017 and was an associate researcher at Nanjing University from 2017 to 2020. His research interests include physical property control of two-dimensional electronic materials, heterojunction device physics, brain-like computing devices and system applications. Up to now, as the first (co) author or corresponding author, he has published more than 40 academic papers in international mainstream academic journals and top conferences such as Nature Electronics, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, IEDM, etc. The research results have been tracked and reported by mainstream international media including Semiconductor Today. Honors received include: Keynote Speaker at the 14th International Conference on Vacuum Electronics (2013), The Shoulders-Gray- Spindt (SGS) Award (2015 ) of the International Society for Vacuum Nanoelectronics (also known as Young Scientist Award , the first Chinese winner since the award was established in 1999), the Doctoral Award issued by the American Electrical and Electronic Engineering Association (awarded to 3-4 doctoral students worldwide each year), and the SUTD Excellent Doctoral Research Award (2016), President's Graduate Fellowship winner (2013) and University Best Dissertation Award (2017), etc.