The course "Digital Logic Circuits and Experiments" was selected as a municipal-level first-class undergraduate course in 2020


Published: 2021.01.24

In January 2021, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission announced the results of the 2020 municipal-level first-class undergraduate courses. After the application and recommendation of various schools and the evaluation of experts organized by the Municipal Education Commission, 367 courses were recognized as the first-class undergraduate courses in Shanghai universities in 2020. The Shanghai municipal-level first-class undergraduate courses are an important measure to deepen the reform of education and teaching. The quota application and review of the project are strict, and ECNU attaches great importance to this project and actively organizes the construction and application of key courses. The course Digital Logic Circuits and Experiments led by Professor Liu Yiqing was successfully selected. Digital Logic Circuits and Experiments has both strong theoretical and engineering practicality. It is the core basic course for electronic information undergraduates.